Our Mission

Software for safeguarding drinking water.

We help keep drinking water safe. With Scalable and Automated Cloud-Based Technology, HydroSoft I/O alerts utilities and owners of inherent risks, maintenance, and compliance issues related to public drinking water system regulations. Our goal is cost-effective compliance and data management.

History of HydroSoft I/O

HydroSoft I/O is more than software. Built on the knowledge and experience of HydroCorp’s 39 years of consulting and field services addressing cross-connections and backflow prevention in public and private water systems.

Technical Specs

HydroSoft I/O Infrastructure/Hardware/Environments Configuration

HydroSoft I/O is a Microsoft Azure Cloud-based software system, that is accessed via the internet, Chrome, or comparable, and is designed for use with any desktop, tablet, or smartphone that can access the internet. Access does not require any hardware configuration. Access is granted via a username and password.

HydroSoft I/O staff follow industry standards for database and system maintenance. Virtual machine hardware is maintained and serviced by Microsoft Azure. The system is developed exclusively for the Chrome browser – other browsers are not currently supported.  Windows, Android, and iOS versions of Chrome are all supported. All users will log on through the HydroSoft I/O portal at portal.hydrosoft.io

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